OSRS money making guide 2022 - Blog

This OSRS money making guide is all about how to make the most amount of OSRS gold as easily and quickly as possible on Old School RS and is updated with the top 2022 OSRS money making methods.

Unique OSRS money making methods Method 1

Collecting zamorak robes: 700k-1M per hour

Requirements: Access to the Elf Lands

Drink a antidote ++ and use the teleport crystal to teleport to Lletya in the elf lands. Once you are there run west and follow the path to the north until you see a tree that you can pass on your west. Keep running west until you find a tripwire. Step over the tripwire and keep running west and enter Dense forest. From there run mostly north and jump over the leaves and then just keep running east until you reach the dungeon. Enter the dungeon and keep running east until you reach the well. Open the door and start killing the level 13 Iban NPCS. Collect the zamorak robes until you have a full inventory. Utilize the fastest banking method and repeat. This method should earn between 600k-900k OSRS per hour, a solid OSRS money making method and very unique!

Unique OSRS money making methods Method 2

Gemstone rock mining: 400k-700k per hour with 60,000 exp/hour

Requirements: Shilo village Karamja gloves 3 (access to the mine + teleport there) Gem bag (not necessary but reduces banking) 40+ mining, 60+ suggested for faster gem mining

To do gemstone mining simply head to the gemstone mining in Shilo village and go down the ladder, make sure you equipt an amulet of GLORY so that you have an increased chance at getting better gems! Gems are in high demand due to both PvM and PvP and this method has consistently ranked among the best for not only very solid mining experience, but a solid 500k+ an hour with 60+ mining and an amulet of glory.

Unique OSRS money making methods Method 3

Humidifying Clay: 600k-1M per hour with 50,000 exp/hour

Requirements: Dream Mentor Lunar Diplomacy Magic level 68 or higher

You’ll need to equip a steam battlestaff and have astral runes to cast the spell + normal clay in your inventory. Make sure your on the lunar spellbook and cast humdify, repeat as needed. It's suggested you do this at the grand exchange for easy access to a bank and to sell the clay you make!

Unique OSRS money making methods Method 4

Pickpocketing Elves within the elf lands: 1.7-2.2m per hour with up to 100,000 thieving experience per hour

Requirements: 85 thieving 97 herblore 50 agility for rogue's outfit Song of the elves master Ardougne hard diary

When thieving elves, you need to be able to stop failing when stealing from them, you need to have completed Ardy Hard Diaries which increases your success rate by 10%, and then wear your thieving skill-cape if you have one to add an additional 10% success rate to prevent failure of thieving elves, while this method only requires 85 thieving, 99 is the most optimial OSRS gold money making method in the game when it comes to skilling in 2022.

Unique OSRS money making methods Method 5

Buying Blueberry specials at the Tree gnome stronghold : 300k-500k per hour

Requirements: Access to the Tree Gnome Stronghold

Buy blueberry specials at the tree gnome stronghold from the shop for a fraction of what they sell for on the grand exchange, use the gnome bank nearby and continue to buy as many of these drinks as you can get. You will have to world hop as the supply is limited, but for a rather relaxed method that earns you 300k-500k per hour with virtually no starting gold requirements besides perhaps 50k and very few requirements to acces the Tree Gnome Stronghold, this is one of the easiest rebuilding methods from nothing in Old School RS in 2022.

Top OSRS money making in 2022

Method 1: Barrows : 900k-1.2M per hour

Requirements: 80+ base combat levels with 80+ magic suggested, you can also use the cheaper barrows setups using ibans blast Access to mortyania, suggested that you have house teleports and restoration pools setup for optimial barrows runs/mort diaries completed 90+ combat Ibans staff/runes and at least moderate magic/meele gear (mystics or better with at least torso/basic meele armor and weapon)

Barrows is a classic, but still amazing way to do OSRS money making in 2022. Barrows pieces have recently been skyrocketing the last few months with barrows sets now ranging anywhere from 2-6M per set due to updates introduced by RS. This has made barrows far more lucrative in terms of profits. With a roughly 1/16 drop rate chance, once you do barrows for a while, you will be able to complete full barrows runs in between 5-7 minutes per run, allowing you to do 10-12 runs per hour which results in a barrows piece roughly every 1 hour 30 minutes. This can range from anywhere from a piece worth 200k to a piece worth 2m depending on the items you got, it used to be guthans that held the most value, but recently dharoks has exceeded it as the most valueble piece of barrows equipment to get.

Method 2: Pickpocketing Cave Goblins: 600k-800k per hour

Requirements: 60+ thieving suggested, rogues outfit

Pickpocketing cave goblins with rogues outfit can yield iron ore, double bullseye lanterns, and cave goblin wire with double gold. There are goblins right next to the bank in Dorgesh, so you can keep running back and forth. Depending on the price of goblin wire which varies dramatically, you can make between 400k-900k per hour depending on it's price. With such low requirements this an very easy 500k+ OSRS money making method.

Method 3: Killing Scarab riders with the Keris(p++): 1M per hour

Requirements: Access to Sophanem dungeon Keris(p++) Base 80 meele combat levels with moderate meele equipment

Killing scarab riders with the keris (p++) in the sophanem dungeon is a surprisingly lucrative osrs money maker. They drop an average of 3-5k per kill, with proper spawn camping and their extremely fast respawn rates, you can kill between 160-200 of these an hour, resulting in between 500k-1M per hour just killing low level scarab riders.